Cameron Products Added to Fun Camp Stoves

Fun Camp Stoves is adding new products when they become available. I just added some Cameron’s products this week. Check them out right here on website.
Camp Tailgator

Camp Tailgator

They include baking sheets, grilling mesh, camping tailgator, camping grill and grilling basket. These products are made of PTFE (PFOA-free) non-stick material. The best known brand name of PTFE is Teflon made by Dupont Company, which is located in the United States. That makes it real easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The food that is cooked on this material turns easy and slides off without sticking. In addition, it can be used in oven, grill or even a microwave. It is great alternative to using aluminum foil that cannot be used again. The Camping Grill Tailgator is a perfect solution for picnics, sporting events, or even backpacking. It includes a carry bag and it’s stainless steel grate can hold up to 8 lbs. of food. It cools down quick with a liter of water and is ready to store quickly with folding legs. How about adding one of the grilling mesh to cook fish, bacon, vegetables, pizza and more. This grilling mesh can be used in an oven, grill or even the microwave. It is easy to clean and is dishwater safe. Moreover, take a look at the Camping Grill Scout an alternative to cooking over an open fire with this neat easy to fold out legs and 16.5 “ x 10.5” grilling surface. It even comes with it’s own carrying case. New camping products will be updated on the website when they become available. Remember that there are on going sales year round and free shipping on products over $75 dollars. Happy Easter and all the best in your camping adventures!  

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