Geocaching in Iceland

One of my many passions is camping, hiking, and geocaching.  Every chance I get I take out my GPS and look for caches in the areas I visit.  In fact, when I was planning this trip last January I looked on for possible places to find a cache while traveling in Iceland. Now, for […]

Ramsey Park Junior Ranger Program for kids

I live in Southwest Minnesota or better known as the Prairie Biome. Here is where I took on the challenge to teach kids about this area in a program called Ramsey Park Junior Rangers. The eight-day hour and half program sponsored by our community’s recreational department provide outdoors activities for grades 1-4. Of course, the […]

Happy Fathers Day and Thanks for the Memories

Special warm wishes for all the fathers out there! Have a wonderful day of relaxing and doing something special whatever it maybe on Sunday June 17, 2012. Unfortunately, I have to wish my dad special greetings in spirit. I would just like to express my feelings and thanking him for all he did for my […]

Tips for Taking Your Pets Camping With You

You are going camping with your favorite companion; here are some great tips to make your trip enjoyable for you and your pet.  Of course, it all depends on the kind of camping you do from tenting or RV camping on the types of items to transport, honoring campground rules, knowing the behavior and health […]

Camping Memorial Day Weekend and Beyond

Typically Memorial weekend is the kickoff to summer camping? If you have not made plans yet for the weekend it might be tough to pick up and go to your favorite camping area just on a whim. In fact, planning early is a must from here on into the summer months for camping, especially on […]

Happy Mom’s Day

I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. This is a special day to say thank you. What are your plans this weekend to honor your mother? Here are some possible ideas: • Send her a wonderful card in the mail • Send a flower arrangement • Plant some flowers for […]

National Get Outdoors Day

On June 9, 2012 is “National Get Outdoors Day.” This is the fourth annual event to encourage fun activity in the outdoor setting for the whole family. This is a time to turn off the TV and video games and reconnect with nature. “GO Day,” is short for Get Outdoors Day, launched on June 14, […]

Featured Camp Stove – EtaPower EF w 2.1L Pot/Pan, bag

  I love my EtaPower EF w/2.1L Pot/Pan, Bag camp stove. It has been a fantastic stove for backpacking or I would use it for boundary waters canoe area in northern Minnesota. It is an all in one kind of camp stove; everything fits inside the insulated carrying case it came in, which includes canister […]

Camping Recipes

Part of the fun of camping is trying out new recipes. With that said, I thought I would share a recipe I use for making spaghetti sauce (Biggest Loser Cookbook). I make this ahead of time at home, put in a mason jar, and when at the campground all I do is, heat it up […]

My Favorite Minnesota State Parks

Someone the other day asked me what my favorite Minnesota State Park is. I could not answer the question without hesitation, as each park has amenities that would appeal to anyone who loves to be outdoors. I would have to say it all depends on the kind of activities that I want to engage in […]

Tips and Tricks– How to Organize for Car Camping

  Camping season is not too far off. Are you ready to go on your next camping trip? Where do you keep your camping gear for storage and yet have it readily available for your next adventure? To organize for camping takes a lot of planning and preparing before you actually set out on your […]

KLGR Radio Auction-Fun Camp Stoves Auctions off two Camp Stoves

It is time for the KLGR Radio Auction this Saturday April 21, 2012. Fun Camp Stoves has two Stansport Barbeque portable propane stoves listed in the certificate section. To see this information go to this link on the KLGR website . Are you looking for a fun portable stove for the upcoming camping season? Check […]

Completed Geocaching 72 Minnesota State Parks

My journey of geocaching Minnesota State parks started in May 2010 when I visited Sibley State Park to learn about this activity free of charge. Twenty-five demo parks let you borrow a global positioning handheld device (GPS) to learn how to hunt for treasures placed in the parks. Nevertheless, I never looked back and continued […]

Geocaching the “Wildlife Safari” at Minnesota State Parks

The seventy-two state parks that are participating in the “Wildlife Safari” geocaching project started May 2009 and end May 2, 2012. With that said, I started this project May 2010 with the assumption of my late start that I would only cache the parks near me.  Now, two years later my mission may become a […]

Out ‘N’ About Treehouse Treesort

If you want a fun place to camp then check this place out near Cave Junction, Oregon. The “Treehouse Treesort” a glorified camping adventures for the whole family. There are about 14 different tree houses in which one can stay. Some houses are on stilts while others are well up into a tree. To access […]

Camping and Geocaching in Minnesota State Parks

The state of Minnesota is a wonderful place to explore. Not only do we have 10,000 plus lakes but we have 72 state parks, with the addition of two new parks in the last two years, to visit. Just as our theme states “Come Explore Minnesota!” There are over 5,000 campsites, cabins, guest houses or […]

Five Tips to Increase Longevity of Camp Stove

  Camping is an enjoyable past time with family and friends that create memorable experiences. Equally important, is the care of camping gear to increase longevity. Thus, with proper care of equipment the less maintenance the better chances the item will last for years. Here are five tips to care for your camping stove. First, […]

Safety Tips on the use of Propane Camp Stoves

  Propane camping stoves are portable, easy to use, reliable, and great for all kinds of camping experiences. It is when you read about people who do not head the warnings of proper use of propane camping stoves that learn hard lessons and even death. Here are twelve tips to keep you and your family […]

Fun Camp Stoves, LLC Home Show Specials March 17-18, 2012

This weekend marks the 29th annual KLGR Home Show. The residents of Redwood Falls and surrounding communities will have an opportunity to snatch up some great deals and promotions from area businesses. In fact, Fun Camp Stoves is running a promotion all weekend. Camp stoves that are over $75 dollars in the Canister and Camp […]

KLGR Home Show in Redwood Falls, MN

Make plans to attend the KLGR Home Show in Redwood Falls, MN where Fun Camp Stoves will display and feature many great camp stoves, grills, cookware and more! The 29th annual KLGR Home Show will be held March 17 and 18, 2012 at the Redwood Area Community Center Arena in Redwood Falls. Hours will be […]

Minnesota State Parks- Summer Fun for the Family

Here in Minnesota our state park system has great resources for family fun throughout the year.  All you need to do is simply log in to your computer and pull up the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website.  Once you are there click on (summer) activities guide.  Poof, it is magic and you will see […]

Review: Bleuet Pocket Stove w/6 fuel cubes

Are you looking for a very lightweight stove for backpacking?  The Bleuet Pocket Stove would be fantastic for backpacking, but as an emergency backup from another stove you may have with you on the trail. In fact, this little guy weighs in at about 3.25 ounces or 92 grams and fits nicely in a shirt […]

Camp Stoves- Maintenance Tips for Better Performance

Are your camping days done because the cold weather is here?  Maybe you’re a fair weather camper.  If so don’t forget to check your camp stove for cleaning and repair before storage or before each trip.  Here are some tips to help you complete that task: Multi-Fuel Stoves Always remove excess fuel from the stove […]

Camping Gear Simple Maintenance

We have had an exceptional fall run on weather here in Minnesota.  So much I was able to extend my camping adventures into the beginning weekends of October.  It has been enjoyable to continue something I love and share in the outdoor experiences.   You might say I am a fair weather camper and only have […]

JACCARD Home N’ Away Stove

This portable stove is a single burner stove that runs on butane.  I like this stove because it’s wonderful to have on hand for an extra burner at a family gathering or for emergency purposes.  It comes with its own carrying case for easy storage or transportation. Also, you should be able to purchase the […]

Make Plans for Camping in 2012

If you plan to camp this summer at your favorite campgrounds now is the time to plan.  To plan now most likely will guarantee your reservations especially if it happens to be a holiday weekend.  You may use website to reserve your spot 6 months out from the day you plan to camp at […]

Diamond Plate 4 Burner “Tuff” Stove

This camp stove has 4 burners that put out 15,000 British Thermal Units (BTU) with easy access to clean each grate area.  Also, very rugged and can easily have four large pots cooking at once. Moreover, this camp stove can be your back up cooking appliance in emergency situations.  Another thought would be cooking at […]

Spontaneous Road Trip – Camping, Geocaching, and Fall Foliage the goal

First weekend in October, I decided to take a road trip. I wanted to camp and combine geocaching and seeing the fall colors as my goal. Fortunately, my camping equipment recently cleaned and was ready to be stored for the winter, was accessible and packed in the car for a road trip. I wanted to […]

Camping Adventure in North East Texas

The last ten days I completed a camping adventure with a Texas friend to North East Texas.  My adventure started in San Antonio, TX with a flight from Minneapolis, MN airport.  I arrived on a Tuesday and we organized the camper to leave the next day.  Our goal was to hike, bird, canoe, geocaching and […]