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MN State Parks Geocaching Critter Cards

Collection of Wildlife Safari Critter Cards

My journey of geocaching Minnesota State parks started in May 2010 when I visited Sibley State Park to learn about this activity free of charge. Twenty-five demo parks let you borrow a global positioning handheld device (GPS) to learn how to hunt for treasures placed in the parks. Nevertheless, I never looked back and continued for two years to complete the “Wildlife Safari” challenge at all 72 state parks. Furthermore, I gathered information about the parks, learned about the animals on the critter cards, met some family’s geocaching, camped at various parks, hiked in state parks I have never been before, took pictures of my adventures, and had a lot of fun along the way. Next, I decided to purchase the Passport Club Kit, for a mere $14.95, to have stamped while geocaching for the “Wildlife Safari” caches. It pretty much paid for itself. When you completed Thirty-two and seventy-two parks, I received a coupon for a free night of camping. In addition, after 8, 16, 32, 48 state parks visited I received a patch. The last step is to fill out a form and send in my passport book to the Department of Natural Resources to receive a plaque for my travels to all parks. In brief, it has been a whirlwind to find the window of opportunity to complete this task before the May 2, 2012 deadline. Thank goodness for decent weather this past year to make this goal a reality. This journey may be complete, but not to worry the next challenge begins June 2012. In fact, there will probably be two new state parks added to this journey of geocaching and passport club. Thanks to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for their creative powers, for such programs that bring people to the parks. As I close the books on this endeavor, I look forward to the new challenge that soon will be upon us.  
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