Cooking Gear You Will Need When You Go Camping

Depending on the kind of camping, will depend on the kind of cooking gear you will need to pack for your journey.  With that said, here Sterilite tubs Organize for campingare some tips in what to bring for a family car camping trip to a city, county, state, or national park. First, keep your cooking supplies organized all together in clear plastic tubs.   Tubs are easy to store, move, stack, and see exactly what is in the tub. Next, here are some gear ideas to add to your tub to use for cooking up some delightful meals for your family.  Especially, when you are car camping weight of the equipment does not really become an issue.
  •  2 – burner camp stove and or portable grill
  •  Propane/fuel
  • Charcoal Matches/Butane lighter
  •  Fire starter/Newspaper
  •  Tongs, grilling spatula and fork, large spoons
  •  Cook set – small size pot, medium pot , large pot, coffee pot – stores inside the large pot
  • Griddle
  • Dutch oven
  • Hot pads
  • Pie irons
  • Roasting forks
  • Cutting board
  • Sharp knives
  • Can opener/bottle
  • Water bottles or collapsible water jug
  • Aluminum foil- helps with clean up
  • Non-stick cooking oil spray
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Plastic cups/silverware/plates/bowls
  • Paper towels/napkins
  • Table cloth/holders
  • Dish tub/soap/scrub sponge
  • Trash bags
  • Zip lock bags
  • Food containers
  • Duct tape
  • Pitchers/for tea, cool-aid, tang
  • Large and small coolers/block ice, ice cubes
  • Camp stove toaster
  • Salt, Pepper/other spices
In fact, if you plan a head and create a meal plan for your camping excursion with the family it will make packing your kitchen gear a lot more efficient.  More than likely, your cooked meals will be breakfast and dinner and your noon meal will be sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, or crackers and cheese.  That is because you are hiking, swimming, boating or on the move somewhere that will allow for something easy to grab and go. For example, your breakfast menu may consist of eggs, pancakes, bacon, or just hot water for hot cereal and a cup of cocoa or coffee.  Dinner might be spaghetti, grilled steak, pork chops, hamburgers, hotdogs or chicken and vegetables for sides.  One of my family’s favorite meals is Hobo dinner, it includes meat of chicken, or hamburger with vegetables all chopped up, placed in a foil, and then placed in hot coals or on your grill. In brief, when you are car camping what you cook at home is possibly to cook while camping.  It is just a matter of packing the right gear for cooking up delicious meals in the great outdoors.  Besides that for some reason, it taste and smells better at a campground. In addition, other considerations of cooking meals  may include no open fires where you camp and or a burning ban to limit your main resource of cooking.  Certainly, owning a two burner camp stove is necessary in these situations. Lastly, creating a camping checklist is very helpful in organizing all your camping gear whether you backpack, canoe, bike, or car camp.  The clear plastic tubs are a great place to keep your gear in one place for either storage or use while car camping. Of course, the above mention list is not limited to addition or deletions of items for the type of camping you do. Over time, you will collect gear that works well in your situations. That comes with trial and error when you become a more seasoned camper.

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