Ideas and Tips for an Active Valentine’s Day

Think outside the box this Valentine's Day and make it an active day with your sweetheart, family, or friends. If you are not worried about celebrating the day of then why not make it a weekend outing? Not only that, you will burn a few calories along the way. Here are a few ideas and tips to help you plan for that special occasion. Remember it should be about spending some quality time together not so much about the materialistic things. First, if you live in an area that has moderate temperatures this time of year consider going camping. There is nothing more romantic than sitting outside on a clear night to observe the winter constellations with a warm cozy fire. On the other hand, why not create a new tradition and bring the whole family. Moreover, making reservations for a campsite this time of year is less stress because less traffic flows at the campgrounds because of weather and school in session. Find a campsite with or check out your Department of Natural Resource websites for possibilities. You do not have to camp in a tent or RV there are opportunities to rent cabins either at a state park or surrounding areas you may visit. Check out VRBO website for reasonable priced getaway spots. Secondly, if you are not interested in a weekend adventure here are some ideas for the day of or extend the outing on the weekend. Winter activities may include the following: • Cross Country Skiing: state parks and Federal Lands are a great place because they groom trails. • Snowshoeing: use your state parks or city parks where equipment is accessible with a minimal charge to rent. Try this in the evening the stars are much more brilliant this time of year. Our state parks in Minnesota have candle light hikes or cross-country skiing events. • Downhill skiing: check out the hills near where you live. Usually, they have nice bar & grill areas to dine in while you burn calories on the hill. Likewise, they would offer ski packages for lessons and ski rentals. • Ice-skating: check out your local city websites for indoor or outdoor facilities to skate followed by a romantic meal somewhere. • Ice fishing: have you considered catching your dinner? This would even be fun for the whole family. • Snowmobile: there are places that you can take guided tours if you do not have your own ride. For example, Yellowstone National Park has places you could rent a snowmobile and or tour with a group of people. More Moderate temperature activity ideas: • Day hiking: state and national parks are fabulous locations to hike for the day. • Take a fitness class: if you are looking for more activity down the road why not join a fitness class and get into shape for warmer weather ahead. Check out your YMCA’s, community recreation centers, fitness gym, or better yet create your own fitness time at home with a DVD (P90X, Jillian Michael’s). • Biking: find a biking trail near you and bike to your favorite restaurant. Of course, during the daytime would be better because it gets dark early. There are even great trails in state parks or around where you live. No access this time of year to bike? I have you covered, check out indoor cycling or spinning classes. • Your own backyard: barbeque your favorite dish, stargaze, hot tub, campfire in your pit. All wonderful ideas to share with family or friends. Finally, I hope these ideas will get you thinking outside the box for a more active 2013. It is about spending quality time with one another and being more conscious about your physical activity levels. In fact, being more active helps to relieve stress, builds your immunity, clears your mind, and strengths bones and muscles. Make this a new tradition and try something different next Valentine's Day. Start planning now because Valentine's Day is not that far off. Have fun and enjoy your time together on this special day or weekend.  

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