Life’s Journeys

ChuckLife takes twists and turns and there seems to be a reason things happen they way they do.  Today I met an interesting man who has his sites on riding his bike across the United States. Out the blue I get a phone call from a man named Chuck.  He wanted to know if there was camping in the area.  Of course I said, and directed him to Alexander Ramsey Park, in Redwood Falls, MN. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to go down to the park to meet this man and his bicycle.  From our short conversation he is from Tennessee, married with 3 grown children, and 56 years old with a dream to ride his bike across America.  He started his journey from DC and is heading to the Rockies, Yellowstone, and Glacier areas.  His journey will take 11 months of traveling around 50-75 miles a day. In fact, if you wish you could follow is exploits at "".  There you will find colorful stories and photos of his travel and the people he has met a long the way.  Now I can be added to his list of interesting people he has met. Please forgive me Chuck I took a photo from your website to share here on my website. I just wanted to give a shout out to Chuck and wish him the best on his journey west.  May you have safe travels and favorable weather a head.  Thank you for finding on the web and contacting me.  Take care my friend!

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