Planning for Camping in 2013

Camping in Texas

Camping fun in Texas

Happy New Year everyone! This is the time of year that we start a new whether it is resolutions of health, to have more patients, or to be more organized, as a few examples. I choose to look for more ways to increase camping get aways in 2013. First, I always have family camping the last week of July through the first part of August. That makes it is easy to plan around other events in ones busy schedule. I use the website to reserve my campsite 180 days out from our camping dates. That way we have our sites reserved at a very popular campground. Next, when planning for camping adventures beyond the family time I research for fun places to visit. Things of interest include hiking, geocaching, beautiful scenery, white water rating, national or state parks to visit. Another resource is by word of mouth and their recommendations to camp in certain places. Of course, the internet is a good place to help with the research process. Furthermore, when I arrive in a new state I stop at travel or information centers to receive more information of areas that could be stopping points of interest. Sometimes they have people working in the centers to add more details. Before my ventures begin, about ten days out, I look at weather to help me pack the right combination of clothes. There are wonderful websites and phone apps to help you with this process. I usually car camp so carrying and packing my camping gear is not a problem. Although, the philosophy of less is more when packing is best. I have a camping check list that helps me organize the gear and the type of camping I am doing. All my camping gear is stored in clear sterilite tubs. In addition, other things I think about before I travel is mapping out driving directions, places to camp, camping prices, camping budget, menus to plan, and now days what the gas price averages might be. I use “Gas Buddy” for gas prices and map quest to plan my route. Indeed, writing about organizing for camping adventures gets me excited about camping. The above mentioned tips should help to organize and plan for your next family adventure. All the best in camping fun for 2013!  

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