Ramsey Park Junior Ranger Program for kids

Rangers Camping

Setting up camp

I live in Southwest Minnesota or better known as the Prairie Biome. Here is where I took on the challenge to teach kids about this area in a program called Ramsey Park Junior Rangers. The eight-day hour and half program sponsored by our community’s recreational department provide outdoors activities for grades 1-4. Of course, the best part of teaching this program was the opportunity to see nature at work in an outdoor classroom. Another part of this was observing the kid’s reactions and their understanding of how the natural world works. Next, here is a list of the activities that I created and taught to the excited twelve boys and girls who were apart of session one Ranger program.
  • They learned about the prairie biome and the plants, birds, animals, insects, fish, and trees that live in the area.
  •  Minnesota State Symbols were discussed and they had the opportunity to use GPS handheld devices to find these symbols that were planted in the park.
  •  We hiked in Alexander Ramsey Park, the largest municipal park in the state of Minnesota, to learn more about plants and trees. Simultaneously we geocached along the way and talked of a rare bird that visits the park in the summer months (fictional story, but a real bird).
  •  They visited a nature center to see more prairie plants and compare the ones found in the park.
  •  Next, we visited our zoo in the park to learn about the animals that live there and where would we see them in their natural habitats.
  •  Fishing was an absolute blast for these kids and we were even fortunate to catch and release some fish.
  • One day they learned how to set up a campsite, cook brownies in a box oven, and make a fire out of candy
  • Lastly, they learned skills of paddling a canoe and getting into and out of the canoe safely.
In fact, I look forward to two more sessions in July in sharing the great outdoors with kids. I enjoy teaching outdoor skills to children and to have them respect their environment. Besides, they hold the key to preserving it for future generations. Take the time to create lasting memories of exploring your surroundings with your kids and see all that it may hold!  

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