Review: Bleuet Pocket Stove w/6 fuel cubes

Are you looking for a very lightweight stove for backpacking?  The Bleuet Pocket Stove would be fantastic for backpacking, but as an emergency backup from another stove you may have with you on the trail. In fact, this little guy weighs in at about 3.25 ounces or 92 grams and fits nicely in a shirt or pant pocket.  Not only that but, the construction of the stove is made of galvanized hardened steel.  It opens up wide enough to accommodate small or larger pots.
Included with the stove will be 6 solid fuel tablets, which are enclosed, in a waterproof case.  They light very easy with a lighter or match and even are useful as a fire starter.  Each fuel tablet will last around 15 minutes.  In addition, when done with the stove the tablet is gone with no ashes to cleanup.
Of course, the intensity of the flame is not as a great as say a canister or fuel operating camp stove, but efficient enough to boil water for food or drink.  The only other con would be that it would leave a residue on your pot after use.  Just be prepared to carry something easy to clean that residue off when done so it does not get all over your equipment when packed.
All in all, a great little stove to carry as a backup or emergency use in the back country.   The price for this stove runs around $10 dollars or less.   Extra solid fuel tablets will run you around $5 dollars for a count of 20.  It is always nice to be prepared in the wilderness with this compact stove.  Check it out at  See you on the trail!

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