Safety Tips on the use of Propane Camp Stoves

Primus 2 burner propane stove

Camping at Tahquamenon Falls State Park, MI

Propane camping stoves are portable, easy to use, reliable, and great for all kinds of camping experiences. It is when you read about people who do not head the warnings of proper use of propane camping stoves that learn hard lessons and even death. Here are twelve tips to keep you and your family safe while camping at your favorite campground.   1. Before you even hook up your camp stove to a propane canister read the directions that came with the portable stove. Besides that hang on to the directions to review often. 2. Inspect the stoves hose connections for any wear or tear from previous use. Especially the O-rings and jet nipples. Replace if worn. 3. When it says outside use only that is where you need to use the camp stove. If you use in enclosed space, like a camper, tent or car, you are setting yourself up for carbon monoxide hazard. 4. Do not leave propane cylinder attached to camp stove when not in use. 5. Use only soapy water to check for leaks on joint areas. If the soap bubbles you have a leak and you need to make adjustments. 6. Keep away from other burnable materials or combustibles. 7. Do not leave stove unattended while in use. 8. Always place stove on a level, flat, and sturdy surface, like a picnic table, when cooking. 9. Before attaching the propane canister check to make sure all your valves are in the off position. 10. Never modify the camp stove, which will render the appliance to become unsafe. 11. Inspect the burner holes for obstructions prior to operation. Do not use until you have cleared the blockage. 12. Cool your propane camp stove before removing the canister of fuel and to clean. Keep your stove in good working order by cleaning after every use. Always do periodic checks of your stove before you go camping to save you time.   In addition, not only will you be safe by following these tips, but also your stove will last for years to come. Camping is sharing delightful family experiences and taking the time to inspect your camping stove and gear is very important to keeping those memories to the positive.   Finally, the camping season is not far off! I wish you all the best as you prepare for another awesome camping season wherever it may take you. Be safe and enjoy the great outdoors!  

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