Tips to Protect Camping Gear

Store sleeping bag in something bigger

Store sleeping bag in something bigger

With the colder weather descending upon us it is time to take care of camping gear, to air out, clean, and store for the winter months a head.  I highly recommend that you  pay close attention to the following items before you store them.

Camp Stove
  • Check for wear and tear
  •  Replace any parts now while you have the time and not when you need it immediately next spring
  • Clean thoroughly before you store it
  • Store in a container to keep it from collecting debris
  • After each use you should clean up food spills
  • Air out (the most important tip)
  • Check for wear and tear
  • Check and or seal seams before end of the year storage (especially older tents)
  • Waterproofing may need to be done if it is an older tent
  • When cleaning tent you need to use non-abrasive sponge, cold water and non-detergent soap.  Synthetic cleaners are advised and can be found at local camping stores.
Sleeping Bag
  • Follow cleaning on sleeping bag tag-Spot cleaning is advise verses an entire washing of the bag
  • Do not keep it packed tightly in a sack, but loosely stored in a bigger bag
  • Keep it clean and dry
  •  To keep it clean during camping season use a sleeping bag liner. Plus it can add 5-15 degrees more warmth
  • Air inside out between trips to increase lifespan
You have invested a lot of money in camping gear and proper care is essential for the equipment to last for many years.  These simple tips will help to preserve equipment for many  wonderful family adventures.

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